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Join me as a guest on the Dealing with Goliath podcast


The Mission of the Dealing with Goliath Podcast is to sharpen the psychological edge in business leaders with skin in the game, who want to be more effective under pressure, uncover hidden value and increase profitability.

This is the longer form podcast format, where we have the time to delve deeper into our guests’ experiences, stories and the priceless nuggets of lessons learned.


Our audience is made up of business leaders in senior decision making positions and business owners looking to continually improve and grow their skills through gaining insight, strategies and best practice from industry leading experts.

Areas of particular interest are negotiation, persuasion and reaching agreement. Mindset; around decision making, dealing with staff, clients and potential clients, creative problem solving, overcoming obstacles and devising innovative solutions. 

what's in it for YOU?

You get a great piece of substantial, in-depth and easily digestible content that you can share with your followers or subscribers on your website or social media channels. It also opens you up to many of my subscribers and listeners.

We transcribe all interviews and create blog posts that are posted both on our website and on Medium. In addition to being published on our podcast, the interview will also be posted to YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All of these will create long lasting backlinks to your chosen landing page. 


Dealing with Goliath Long Form or ‘Lungo’ podcast format is more free flowing, part interview, part conversation which makes it a more relaxed experience, both for the guest and the listeners. Here a sample selection of some of the types of questions I may ask you:

  • What do you love most about your work?
  • What is a common myth or misunderstanding about your profession / industry that you would like to straighten out?
  • What are some of the bigger struggles you’ve encountered and how you approached and resolved them?
  • What failure are you most proud of and why? / What was your most helpful failure?
  • What would you say to your 20 yr old / 30 yr old self? Where were you at that time? (context)
  • What are some red flags when you’re considering a project / client / deal to invest (your time) in?
  • What do you believe that most don’t? (Your unique point of view)
  • Did you have a circuitous or unusual career path? What was the key pivotal decision that brought you to where you are now in your career? 
  • What advice would you give to someone around dealing with people / making agreements / winning people over to your way of thinking?
  • What’s the first few hours of your day like? / morning routine?
  • What do you like to do to relax? What makes life worthwhile outside of work?
  • Do you have 3 year goals or objectives? If so, can you share them with us?
  • If people want to understand the fundamentals of your industry / area of expertise, what book(s) / resources would you recommend?

There may also be questions more specific to your story, industry or expertise.

NOTE: the guest always has final cut. eg after recording if you wish to have a response edited out for whatever reason we can do that. This is to ensure you can relax and feel safe and secure in your interview.


Alistair is a coach, facilitator and trainer for over 10 years who has started numerous small businesses since he was 21. He’s a regular guest lecturer and facilitator at multiple universities in Ireland on topics such as Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. He coaches executives and business owners across an array of industries, including software, law, aviation, telecoms, and corporate finance to name a few. Over the past few years he’s been giving his clients the Psychological Edge in Negotiation and helping them perform under pressure. He’s the creator of the Goliath Negotiation Method.