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But please don’t enrol in any program until after we’ve met and I’ve been able to confirm that what I have is a fit for your needs and that I believe we can work together.

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Temporary reductions of ~20% are included in the rates displayed in rates due to the economic difficulties from Covid 19.

But please don’t enrol in any program until after we’ve met and I’ve been able to confirm that what I have is a fit for your needs and that I believe we can work together.

Goliath Focus

From: US$495/month x 12 months

or 1x Payment of $5,000 (saving you $900)

  • Access Level 1&2 of Goliath videos and training materials.
  • Group calls
  • Training Exercises, Games & Challenges
  • 1 to 1 coaching

Goliath Expansion

From: US$1,500/month x 12 months

or 1x Payment of $15,000 (saving you $3,000)

  • Access all video and training materials, Level 1-3.
  • Group calls
  • Training Exercises, Games & Challenges
  • Premium Modules Suite: Level 4 Training
  • In-depth Negotiation Post Mortems
  • Horizontal Team Alignment
  • ‘Feet to the Fire’ Accountability
  • Full compliment of 1 to 1 coaching inc. flexible durations & Laser Coaching

Goliath Done For You

From: US$20,000/month 

This is a bespoke service where I can act as agent for you or your company. 

It can also be tailored toward training your team and be more on demand to your specific requirements.

Enquire to discuss and sculpt a solution to fit your particular needs and situation

If you want to know more about what makes Goliath Negotiation Method unique, here’s nine reasons that clients tell us why Goliath is their #1 choice when it comes to improving their negotiation results.

Reason #1: With Goliath, I carry the risk not you

Most coaches and trainers ask you to trust them. “Do this, do that and everything will be great, trust me”. Do the training, pay your hard earned money and you’ll get great results. But the risk is on you. 

Most coaches and trainers are like mechanics or therapists. They’ll take you on as clients but if they can’t fix the problem, if you don’t see improvements that’s too bad, that’s on you. If it doesn’t work, isn’t a good fit, or not to your taste, that’s too bad, the risk is on you, the client.

I take a different approach. I say, it’s on me. So you can jump fully into the Goliath Negotiation Method for 30 Days and see for yourself. Validate for yourself the quality and all the reasons I state below this one that it’s worth your investment in time and resources. At the end of the 30 days if you don’t think it’s the best thing you’ve invested in for yourself and your business in years, then I’ll give you your money back.

Simple. I take the risk, not you. How many coaches and trainers will give you full access, their time, their resources, and take the risk on themselves? Not many, but I do as I believe it’s the right thing to do. 

…That’s my Guarantee.

Reason #2: I’ve been where you are and can get you where you want to be

It’s only fair that I can demonstrate to you that I can get you where you want to be.

In a previous life I was an art dealer and sold hundreds of thousands of euro of paintings. In that space I was a natural negotiator, loved the dynamic, competition and creative collaboration of deal making.  But when I went out and ventured into other industries selling more of myself, my thoughts, my creativity and not just the work of others, I realised I’d become the other type of negotiator, the nice but nervous negotiator. I’ve experienced and can empathise with both types. 

Following a base training in counselling skills, I expanded into Strategic Intervention coaching which is very solution focused, dynamic and practical. On the one hand I’ve known the pressure and complexity of doing multi directional art deals. On the other I’ve trained students in Masters in Personal and Management Coaching in University College Cork, Ireland. These unique sets of knowledge and experiences are perfectly poised to help you get improved results and even enjoy the process.

Most other courses either have an experienced negotiator but they’re not skilled in coaching and conveying their knowledge. Or they’re skilled facilitators but have limited or no experience that comes from the pressure of making hundreds of deals. I am both.

I’m an experienced entrepreneur. For over 18 years I’ve has started businesses in fields as diverse as art consultancy, history and tourism, online video production, e-learning and website development.

As a great consultant once said to me, “no adviser is worth their salt if they haven’t felt the pressure of another bill landing in, known that pressure that business owners know too well”, when you’re under pressure to complete a deal and things are tight. You’ve a great potential deal on the table, but the clock is ticking, creditors are screaming at you, there’s staff to pay and you just need to get it over the line, the desperation can kick in. I’ve been there, I’ve helped others and can help you navigate and perform under such pressure.

I’ve coached the psychology of negotiation to business leaders in a wide area of industries such as aviation, software, legal litigation, corporate finance, banking and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). You can see some of their testimonials here. I understand how broadly applicable the principles truly are, but I also appreciate how there are different norms and expectations in different industries and how to integrate, modify and apply these powerful strategies in different environments. I’ve been there, and like my other clients, I can help you get where you want to go.

Reason #3: You get my unique methodology to create 50% more options for successful deals

I train you to be a Creative Problem Solver: “But I’m not creative”, you might say. Regardless of how creative you are, I’ll help you become far more creative. From my experience as a facilitator in the Innovation Academy, in University College Dublin, Ireland, I bring in methods and strategies borrowed from design thinking that make people creative and innovative before they even know it.

When people move through this process they can quickly create 50% to 500% more creative options. Being creative is fun. Being challenged and being stretched in your abilities, in what you think you can do, and coming up with clever, effective solutions feels so invigorating that you want to fist pump the air in victory. It’s highly valuable too.

This is a unique element to a negotiation course that allows you find novel solutions to problems that would otherwise remain unsolved or have less satisfactory, mutually beneficial results. This is key to uncovering hidden value and opportunity in every deal that others simply overlook.

Reason #4: Goliath is specifically for business leaders with skin in the game

Goliath Negotiation Method is specifically designed for business owners and leaders with skin in the game up against bigger, better resourced counterparts. The type of situation where outside observers might consider you the underdog. 

You have the benefit of the principles explained and explored through video and pdfs where you can move at your own pace of learning, honing the strategies to your own situation. Then this is far more effective when you can bring that foundation into an environment where you can voice your questions, be heard and be helped in adapting the principles for your personality, your business and your situation. You make the principles your own.  

There are core principles to grasp and skills and strategies to practice but everyone has their own set of obstacles to overcome. It’s more individualised with the group and one to one sessions, unlike a standard class or training room where often one size fits all reigns.

It’s gradual taken step by step. Understand the research backed concept, see it in use in different scenarios, play with it in a safe context, then more dynamically apply it. It’s an effective learning and growth model.

It works with your strengths, to develop them further. It deepens your personality and preferences, it doesn’t try and make you into someone you’re not, nor does it encourage you to use unethical or cringe worthy sleazy techniques. Goliath is not for those who wish to use unethical practices or bully the other side. I vet for that and won’t accept it.

That said, this is not a naive happy clappy, ‘let’s all teach the world to sing’ approach either. While I don’t encourage those techniques you need to be pragmatically aware of them and know how to deal with them. You’ll learn to be robust and resilient enough to roll with the best, toughest negotiators out there.

It’s not a walk in the park. Goliath Negotiation Method is for people who are willing to be stretched and challenged in order to grow and improve. To get truly impressive results, you have to be willing to do the work to improve yourself.

Reason #5: You can perform under pressure

I train you to thrive in high pressure situations something few courses ever address. Most programs miss a key component. If you don’t have training on managing your emotions, you risk being a victim to them. The side that controls their own emotions, can influence the other side’s emotions, thinking and behaviour. I’m more pragmatic and that improves results as my course covers feeling confident and competent in high pressure situations. Virtually no other course covers that.

You get my unique synthesis of coaching, managing one’s mental and emotional states under pressure and  all the  scientific research on the psychology of negotiation.

You’ll still get a strong basis in old school negotiation principles, and also all the new research on what’s proven to work, tried and tested in the field.

This is where it enters my domain, applying psychological principles and research in a practical manner to help people get unstuck and get the results they want. You’ll get the key principles of what’s come before, the stuff that works and we’ll leave out the stuff that doesn’t. Added to that you’ll get a strong grounding in the new psychology of negotiation.

I train you to coach yourself and the other side to a more mutually profitable outcome. This means you can be neutral and assertive, not passive or aggressive, not being emotionally manipulated. You’ll discover how to see the images in your counterpart’s head, how they encode the world to themselves, so can better connect with them. All the while coaching and guiding your counterpart to a better solution. You don’t need to dominate, just direct.

You’ll better prepared through better risk analysis. We use a risk analysis method that generates >30% more potential threats and obstacles, which can then be mitigated and dealt with. When you can anticipate more of the obstacles that can impede and threaten a deal then you’re more likely to be able to resolve them. The more things that appear that trip you up the less likely you’ll resolve your negotiation to everyone’s satisfaction. With my unique planning approach, you lower this risk, avoid more traps and so make it more likely to reach a profitable outcome.

Reason #6: Goliath takes complicated methods and makes them simple

Goliath takes complicated elements from multiple disciplines necessary for effective negotiations and makes then as simple and easy as possible without losing their effectiveness or being watered down. 

In essence you have the ability to perform under pressure at a high level through all the resilience based training. You’ll be able to create and capitalise on creative problem solving approaches from innovation and design thinking methods. You’ll effectively be able to coach the other side to a mutually beneficial outcome and stronger, longer lasting relationship. 

This is the 20% of core principles that make 80% of a negotiator’s improvement.

Mix that with on going feedback and accountability, from both myself and the brain trust of the Goliath community and you’ve got a powerful combination that gets results. 

Reason #7: You Get me & my phone number, I’m available, you’re not alone

A lot of people are surprised to learn that when they invest in Goliath they get my close and personal attention. As a key part of the Goliath Negotiation Method, you’re not alone. You have support. You can contact me with queries via the messaging system and you have access to me in either weekly group video meetings or one to one calls. Finally for emergencies you have my mobile number in the event that you ever need it.

In short, you have support, from me and from the Goliath community at large.  

Reason #8: You get as long as you need, there’s no rush 

Goliath Negotiation Method is specifically designed for embedding the learnings, personalising them for your skills, personality and situation and developing them through feedback and reflection. It’s not a two day course where you get a few good ideas, then they 99% of any gains or changes fall away and you return to pretty much exactly where you were before you started. You have the illusion you’ve done some training, but it’s in application that training and learning count, that’s where they make a difference.

It’s not merely about feeling better but about getting better.

You wouldn’t go to train in a martial art and do a two day intensive, and think “well now I know all I need to know”. You’d appreciate it takes time to get used to the techniques, that your understanding and how you apply the techniques evolves through practice, feedback and experience. That’s how you hone and improve, that’s how you make gains and get better results. It takes focused effort and time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are great skill sets that reap tremendous rewards.

I’m not interested in only giving you what you ask for in the training, I want you to make those gains in results. Your success is my success. You feeling a bit better about it is nice, but I want you to achieve those gains, to lock them in, to make your best negotiation your new normal, your new baseline expectation and rise from there. 

If you want to get through the program and the shortest possible timeframe, then commit more hours per week to the task. But, if you have an extended holiday, or you just get too busy, or God forbid you get sick, then don’t worry because you can hang around for as long as you need.

I think that’s about it!

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice for developing a unique combination of effective negotiation skill sets that create real results for your business other than Goliath Negotiation Method.

Your Honour, I rest my case