Be My Guest

Join me as a guest on the Dealing with Goliath podcast


The Mission of the Dealing with Goliath Podcast is to sharpen the psychological edge in business leaders with skin in the game, who want to be more effective under pressure, uncover hidden value and increase profitability. We deliver an espresso shot of insight to boost business performance using our 5 questions in 15 minutes format.


Our audience is made up of business leaders in senior decision making positions and business owners looking to continually improve and grow their skills through gaining insight and best practice from industry leading experts.

what's in it for YOU?

Because of our minimalist format, you’ll be spending less than 30 minutes being interviewed. We transcribe all interviews and create blog posts that are posted both on our website and on Medium. In addition to being published on our podcast, the interview will also be posted to YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All of these will create long lasting backlinks to your chosen landing page. 


Dealing with Goliath podcast uses the 5 questions in 15 minutes format. You’ll have 15 minutes to answer 5 questions with webcams on! Here are the questions I’ll be asking you:

  1. Who’s your ideal client and what’s the biggest challenge they face?
  2. What are the common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem?
  3. What is one valuable free action that the audience can implement that will help with that issue?
  4. What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will help with that issue?
  5. What’s the one question I should have asked you that would be great value to our audience? OR What would be your number 1 insight or principle on how to negotiate, build rapport and connection, or uncover hidden value with clients, customers or your counterparts? (I’ll give you the choice before we start the interview)

I may also ask questions more specific to your story, industry or expertise or in response to your fascinating answers.


Alistair is a coach, facilitator and trainer for over 10 years who has started numerous small businesses since he was 21. He’s a regular guest lecturer and facilitator at multiple universities in Ireland on topics such as Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. He coaches executives and business owners across an array of industries, including software, law, aviation, telecoms, and corporate finance to name a few. Over the past few years he’s been giving his clients the Psychological Edge in Negotiation and helping them perform under pressure. He’s the creator of the Goliath Negotiation Method.