Alistair McBride

Negotiation & Communication Coach
Author - Speaker - Podcaster

I empower individuals and organizations to enhance their communication, negotiation, and leadership skills for transformative results.

Short Bio:

Alistair McBride, a seasoned coach and entrepreneur, specializes in Strategic Intervention Coaching, aiding clients in achieving both personal and professional growth.

Long Bio:

With over 13 years of experience in diverse fields, including art consultancy and digital entrepreneurship, Alistair McBride has developed a unique coaching style that integrates psychotherapy with practical, outcome-focused strategies. His expertise in stress management, negotiation, influencing, and peak performance psychology positions him as a sought-after consultant in both corporate and creative sectors.

Contact Information:
Phone: available on request
LinkedIn: in/alistairmcbride

Podcast: Dealing with Goliath

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The Mission of Dealing with Goliath is to sharpen the psychological edge in business leaders with skin in the game, who want to be more effective under pressure, uncover hidden value and increase profitability. Think clearer, negotiate better. Connect, influence and persuade ethically. Get your espresso shot of insight to boost business performance using our 5 questions in 9 minutes format interview, a single shot with my solo episodes, and take your time and go deeper with our long form interviews with domain experts in a wide array of businesses and industries.

Talking Points / Sample Questions

Key Speaking Topics:

  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Strategic Intervention
  • Stress Management
  • Effective Communication

Major Talking Points

  • Leveraging psychology in business
  • navigating complex negotiations
  • cultivating high-performance habits

Sample Interview Questions:

  • “How can businesses integrate psychological strategies for better outcomes?”
  • “What are the keys to successful negotiation in diverse industries?”

Dealing With Goliath Book

Coming Q1 2024!​

In a high-stakes world where every conversation can make or break a deal:

  • How do you gain trust even in the face of manipulation or anger?
  • How do you stay dynamic in high pressure situations?
  • How do you stand your ground and discover new value to add to any deal?

The Psychological Edge in Negotiation for Business Owners answers these pressing questions and more, giving you the competitive advantage in any deal. Many books and courses will tell you to ‘manage your emotions’, ‘don’t get manipulated by the other side’ and to ‘add value’ but they don’t tell you how. This book does.

Blending rich experiences from entrepreneurship to academia, and with hands-on experience across sectors, Alistair McBride carries a visceral understanding of the dynamics and emotions tied to deal-making.

Discover the Dealing with Goliath model – McBride’s framework for rapport, thriving under pressure, and finding hidden value.

Tailored for entrepreneurs, discover techniques beyond winning arguments: defuse tensions, counter manipulations, and close win-win deals.

Learn to stay focused in high stakes through case studies and the Dealing with Goliath process.

Harness the psychological edge in negotiation to refine your strategy, fortify your mindset, and achieve success in your negotiations.

Dealing With Goliath - book cover

“This book equips entrepreneurs with practical strategies to navigate challenging negotiations. As a seasoned negotiator, I was impressed by the fresh perspective this book provides. A must-read for anyone wanting to sharpen their edge”

— Roger Courtney, Managing Director of Kilcullen Kapital

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