I help business owners and executives to communicate & negotiate like a professional, so that they feel more confident and get the results they want.

Empowering them to see the blockers and blind spots impeding their progress and performance, I help them remove them, to do better work, get more done and be happier about it, creating a higher quality of life in and out of work.

I assist people in this either through one to one coaching,  through live immersive and experiential group training with with Dr Celine Mullins’ Adaptas, Olivia McDonnell and Confident Speak‘s STEM focused communication and presentations training and through my online video training course The RISE Method.

Goliath Negotiation can be conducted online or in person and is customised

One to One Coaching

In short, I help entrepreneurs and creative people remove barriers, achieve greater focus and clarity in order to get more pleasure, purpose and passion from their work, to be more productive while increasing profit.

Most problems (and strengths) in small and medium businesses are a reflection of the mind and personality of the business owner. While this becomes less so the more individuals in the company, every business is still a reflection of the strengths and foibles of its leaders. Through strategic coaching conversations, I help people achieve more of both their potential and that of their business.

There are a multitude of frameworks, tools and strategies I bring together, but it is all individualised and adapted to the needs of my client. Make no mistake, you the client knows best, but sometimes we all need a guide, or a safe place to contemplate and see new unconsidered options.


Negotiation Coaching: Goliath Negotiation Method

Goliath Negotiation Method gives you the the psychological edge in any deal or negotiation. Using research backed principles and strategies, discover how to create more value per deal than ever before, why certain strategies or approaches work some of the time but not all the time and what you can do about it and orientate toward genuine win-win of collaboration, not mere compromise.

Online Video Training Program

The RISE Method:  (Resilience, Insight, Strategy, Elevation) shows business owners how to reduce stress, improve productivity and get more of their best work done. Learn more

Group Training in Person

Generally I consult and deliver training with Dr Celine Mullens’ Adaptas Training, in corporate organisations and governmental bodies. Here’s a suite of the training courses Adaptas offer. My focus tends toward areas such as leadership, resilience and negotiation. Contact me here or through Adaptas to enquire further.