The RISE Method (Resilience, Insight, Strategy, Elevation) shows business owners how to reduce stress, improve productivity and get more of their best work done.

It minimises limitations and under-performance due to stress related factors such as procrastination, anxiety, doubt, fear. As well as reducing the chances of burnout and 10 of the other 20 causes of startup failure.  It enhances creative problem solving, passion, focus and personal well being.

Go beyond resilience, from surviving to thriving.

It’s currently a pilot program or a ‘beta program’. That means it’s not fully the finished perfect product, but the core elements and high standard of content is sound.

Benefits to Pilot Program participants:

  • You get all the benefits taught in this dynamic, powerful course
  • Your insights and feedback are valued and integrated into later iterations and improvements to the course
  • You get all updates, additions and bonuses to the course for free
  • You have access for the life-time of the course
  • You get the course for a fraction of the full selling price

If you would like to be on the pilot program, it’s best to start with the RISE Stress Quiz and Action Guide and move onward and upward from there.