Subtle Art of Negotiation: Al McBride on the Unstoppable CEO Podcast

Show Notes:

Recently I was interviewed on Steve Gordon’s excellent Unstoppable CEO Podcast. Here it is…

On this week’s episode of the Unstoppable CEO Podcast, we speak with Alistair McBride, Director of Al McBride Coaching & Development. Al is a coach, facilitator, and trainer who has started numerous small businesses and is a regular guest lecturer and facilitator at multiple universities in Ireland, talking about cognitive behavioral coaching, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

He coaches executives and business owners across many industries, focusing on the topic of the psychological edge in negotiation. He is also the host of the Dealing With Goliath Podcast, which focuses on sharpening the psychological edge for business leaders.

Topics explored:

  • We chat with Al about his innovative methodologies, as well as:
  • A peek into the world of art dealership
  • Overcoming AI commodification concerns
  • The critical questions to ask to determine value
  • How to cultivate long-lasting, trusted relationships during negotiations
  • Tailoring your approach for clients and transactions to be effective every single time

Ready for more:

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