Instagram Mastery: From Newbie to 250k Followers in 18 Months with Jake Adam Davey #080

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Ready to transform your Instagram presence from mediocre to magnetic? In this electrifying episode, join host Al McBride as he sits down with Jake Adam Davey, the UK’s leading Instagram marketing guru, and global educator. Discover the secrets behind Instagram’s explosive power, proven to generate over $14 million in sales for Jake’s clients.

🤔 Struggling to monetize your expertise? Jake reveals why Instagram is the ultimate platform for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and course creators. Learn how to captivate your audience, tell compelling stories, and nurture deep connections that convert.

📊 Jake drops astonishing Instagram stats and unveils a game-changing strategy to spend less time while reaping bigger rewards. Plus, he shares his “Happy Friday” magic to rekindle cold conversations.

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Guest Bio:

Jake Adam Davey is the UKs leading Instagram Marketing Expert and a global educator, featured in a wide range of media outlets including CBS, NBC and Fox.

Over the past 5 years, through Instagram marketing and sales, Jake has helped his clients generate over $14M in sales and reach and influence millions of people around the globe with their message, product or service through his flagship training program, InstaGalactic.

Topics explored:

  • Identifying the ideal clients for Instagram marketing and the common challenges they face.
  • Why Instagram is a powerful platform for individuals in various niches, including coaches, consultants, experts, speakers, authors, and course creators.
  • Utilizing Instagram to tell compelling stories, build relationships, and connect with your audience.
  • Key Instagram statistics, including its massive user base and daily usage trends.
  • Strategies to avoid getting lost in social media distractions and how to efficiently manage your time on Instagram.
  • Marketing publicly, sell privately: Common mistakes people make when trying to use Instagram for business.
  • Building a system for consistent Instagram success and avoiding the pitfall of inconsistency.
  • Practical steps to start building your brand on Instagram, including modeling successful influencers
  • Create vertical video content and why it matters.
  • Free Resource: for optimizing your Instagram posts and improving your engagement and results.
  • Insights on negotiation, rapport building, and connection with clients, customers, or counterparts, with a focus on maintaining ongoing conversations.
  • A valuable tip for rekindling cold conversations on Instagram


Al McBride 0:02
Welcome to the dealing with Goliath podcast. The mission of dealing with Goliath is to sharpen the psychological edge in negotiation, ethical influencing, and high impact conversations for business leaders who want to be more effective under pressure, uncover hidden value and build greater connection, all while increasing profitability. This is the short form espresso shot of insight podcast interview to boost business performance using our five questions in around about 15 minutes format. My guest today is Jake, Adam Davey, Jake is the UK is leading Instagram marketing expert, and a global educator featured in a wide range of media outlets, including CBS, NBC and Fox. Over the past five years through Instagram marketing and sales, Jake has helped his clients generate over $14 million in sales and reach and influence millions of people around the world with their message product or service, both through his flagship training program. Instead galactic great name by the way. Jake, welcome to the show. It’s a pleasure to have you on.

Jake Adam Davey 1:06
Thanks. I am delighted to be here. I appreciate the opportunity to to answer some questions.

Al McBride 1:11
Excellent stuff. Well, yeah, as I said, you just before we hit record there, I’m quite interested in this because I don’t really use Instagram much at all on a personal or business basis. But I kind of do like it. I mean, I think there’s a huge amount of potential there. So I’m very interested in hearing your perspective. So let’s focus down a little bit. So who’s your ideal client, and what’s the biggest challenge that they face.

Jake Adam Davey 1:33
So I think for, for me personally, and for where we work at the moment, our ideal client, we get the best results and best success with people who are in the coach, consultant, expert, speaker, author, course creator, somebody who generally will be considered as having an expertise, and are looking to monetize that knowledge base, whether they have something in place already, or if they’re just getting started. And they want to do that.

That’s generally the area where we have the greatest success. But I would also say that we do work with people. And this is how I started, I was working in a job full time. And we do also work with people who perhaps are looking to generate a side income around their existing business or their existing job as well.

Al McBride 2:14
Okay, very good. And, and tell us more about Instagram, like why do you reckon it’s such a great platform for people to in those roles that you just described, the coaches, consultants, the authors and whatnot? Why is it such a great platform for them to dive into and put their time and energy into?

Jake Adam Davey 2:31
Sure. So what Instagram is, is kind of tied to the idea of the influencer. And most people think of influencers being you know, beautiful makeup, hair accessories, you know, laying on the big beach in a bikini. And that’s just the men. And that’s kind of the idea that people have or the concept that people have.

But the reason that that comes about is because it’s a great platform for indie jewels, to showcase their live, showcase what they’re doing kind of tell a story. And you know, people have stories. And so Instagram can be used as a very effective tool to tell the individual story or the story of a brand. And because of the way the platform is set up and the facilities and the functionality of it, the fact that it’s very heavily now video, you have stories on the platform, which are kind of hanging around for 24 hours, and then they disappear, direct messages, private messages, conversations and search, it just means that there’s a lot of opportunity to build rapport and connect very deeply on a level with with your audience and build build relationships with your audience.

So that’s really why I love it. In terms of the stats, there’s over a billion people use Instagram right now. It’s which is 1 seventh and 1 eighth of the entire planet that are on this platform, people spend an average 53 minutes today, using Instagram, which I think is absolutely crazy. And for me with our clients, I don’t want them to spend 53 minutes a day at all. I think if they do that they’re probably doing it wrong.

But I do want them to leverage the fact that other people are spending that amount of time. And I think if other people are doing that, and it’s only going to increase these devices, our mobile phones are so addictive, people aren’t going to continue to spend time on there. So it’s whether you want to let that opportunity pass you by? Or do you want to be taken advantage of the fact you can get your message product service offer in front of a global audience?

Al McBride 4:14
Very good. And just on that, like for your students? How long do you advocate this fan on Instagram? Because I think that is a great fear, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or some of the others that you know, because I know the few times I go on in a month, I’ll just suddenly lose 45 minutes or something like some comedy clips and things but so how long do you do strategically require people to spend?

Jake Adam Davey 4:37
Yeah, well, that’s a good point because most people get lost watching videos of cats falling down the stairs. And then you know, they go on with good intentions onto social media. And then they get caught up in the addiction. That is the number one legal addiction in society. They get caught up.

They watch a lot of videos, they see where their neighbors went on holiday last week, and then they realized that they haven’t got anything done and that’s why Are they you know, then the cycle starts? Well, I didn’t get any return from Instagram, I didn’t do anything, oh, there’s distraction, all this type of stuff. So as a general rule, I would suggest to people spending up to 30 minutes a day, on Instagram.

However, we do have a specific strategy that we share with our clients where they can get everything done that they need to do in less than 90 minutes a month, which is about three minutes a day. And we’ve had our best results for clients who were doing the majority of their activities in less than 90 minutes a month. So factor,

Al McBride 5:27
that’s amazing that we can double down on that one, because it was going to ask, I think that right there is usually appealing to a lot of people. So you know, when people are maybe, because I think a lot of people maybe would have played with Instagram a little bit, particularly when it was that the new hot thing a few years ago, but as you said, maybe they got burned by wasting time, or maybe they spent some money on some ads. And that started to come on. And they feel a bit like, oh, that didn’t really work. So what are those common mistakes people make when they’re trying to get instagram working for them? Yeah.

Jake Adam Davey 6:04
So the number one mistake that I see people make is trying to sell online and selling publicly. And the mantra that we have is you market publicly, but you sell privately, and nobody goes on social media to be assaulted, you know, they go on, they’re looking for distraction, they want entertainment, they want to get away from their boss at work or their boss at home, they want to distraction away from their children.

And so they’re just looking for that moment that almost adrenaline hit, or dopamine hit, I should say. And that’s, that’s what social media gives them, it gives them a laugh or a moment of distraction. And so if people are getting hit by promotions, and by this discount here, it’s going to turn them off. And that Gen generally tends to be the biggest mistake people make. And so it’s about getting people excited. It’s about showing them the potential, the outcome, the possibilities that could happen with their product or service or offer building relationships.

And the the other thing I would I think is a common mistake is, is stopping ultimately, you know, as you say, people dabble, they’re trying to bid and then they stop. And so when I when I work with clients, the number one focus is how do we build a system?

And how do we build something where you don’t stop. And that’s not through pain and kind of suffering kind of thing. But it’s how do we make this more attractive than the alternative. And we build in systems we build in processes, we want to ensure that there’s no attachment to the outcome. And that’s a big focus of the if you do the same thing. And again, again, it would be unreasonable to think you wouldn’t be successful. And of course, we’ve tested we’ve posted, I’d say probably over 45,000 times on Instagram now in the past six and a half years, we’ve got a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. And that’s, you know, we share that model with people so that they can get the best outcome,

Al McBride 7:41
outstanding outstanding. So, on that note, you know, what, two or three things can people do to start building their brand on Instagram. So it might not be a massive success overnight or anything but even just pointing them in the direction of a few few strategies or a few key activities that they can adopt that will help them point the right direction? Yeah.

Jake Adam Davey 8:03
So the easiest place to start is keeping in mind that we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. So the question that I asked whether I’m working with a show like this, or podcast or speaking somebody client, if I’m doing a one to one conversation, wherever it might be, the place I would always start is who right now on Instagram is already serving your ideal client, because they’re already on there, there’s a billion people and if your audience isn’t within a billion people, then you know, maybe, maybe we need to rethink the business. The audience is on there, they might not be spending the time in the way you expect them to spend the time, but they are definitely on that. And so how do we go about identifying what I would regard as market leaders in your space. So if you’re a fitness instructor, for example, or if you’re in Pilates, or meditation, or if you are a let’s

Al McBride 8:47
say, You’re a negotiation coach, for example.

Jake Adam Davey 8:52
Yeah, that’s a good example. So I will be, I will be then focused on if you’re a negotiation coach, then I will be looking at personal brands, who are who are showing up and talking about the importance of human relationships connection, and I guess, to a degree sales, persuasion, influence and search and looking at the people in those spaces. And it comes down to what’s the outcome that they’re providing, which is, I anticipate increasing their wealth or building their business, improving their relationships, to a degree improving their health as well. So I would be looking at five to eight people in that space, who have an audience between 5000 100,000 followers on Instagram. And the reason that we go for that size.

We’re not looking at the Tony Robbins of this world because they’ve been doing this for five decades, and they’re known way beyond Instagram, but people in that with that smaller audience or relatively smaller audience 5000 to 100,000. They have to be doing stuff right to make sure that they grow on Instagram. So by starting their modeling, those people looking at how do they lay out their profile, what type of content they post, how frequently do they post? How what type of offers do they make to their audience, where do they send people to off the platform, and using that as almost like a blueprint for success in that particular niche in that particular space.

That’s generally the number one thing that I would suggest people do. The second is in terms of action, action over our progress over perfection, you know, Tony Robbins, come back to him, he says, I associated with him, you can’t act yourself. And so you can’t think your way into a new way of acting, but you can act your way into a new way of thinking. And so simply by being consistent, and actually showing up and doing the thing that will get the result. And, as I mentioned earlier, we have a specific process for clients where they can do their content in under three minutes a day, 90 minutes a month.

So if they, I would be fully confident if they did it consistently for 30 days, they will see growth, they’ll see traction, they’ll see engagement, they’ll see inbound conversations happening, potentially turning into leads clients and customers as well. So number one, find your market leaders. Number two, and identify what they post, how often do they post? How do they lay out their profile? How do they engage their audience and convert their audience. And then number two, find a means by which you can be consistent on the platform.

And I will just add one more the way that you can do that. And the way you’re going to best leverage today in 2023. Not to date the podcast, but in 2023 is vertical video. And vertical video, on in the form of Instagram is Instagram Rios, that translates on to Tik Tok, it translates into Facebook, it translates into YouTube shorts. And now it translates into threads. So you get five platforms worth of content by creating one vertical video, that is all of your content, all of your reach all of your engagement, all of your traffic sorted in, I would say under three minutes a day. It’s

Al McBride 11:46
absolutely outstanding. And so if people are thinking that this is a great opportunity, particularly, as you said, the Reach for the amount of time in sounds like an extremely interesting ROI on that one. So would you have a free resource that you might be able to direct people to that they can we take some of the first steps and exploring that with you?

Jake Adam Davey 12:09
Yeah, sure. So the the the easiest place to get started, or the general place for people to get started is with content that they share. And so and that’s the that’s the thing, that kind of Thinkorswim when it comes to Instagram, and so we’ve put together something called the instant the perfect Instagram post. And that ultimately breaks down nine points about what I would suggest is included to ensure that you have the perfect Instagram posts.

So if people are going to take the time to do this, they know that that what they’re sharing is totally optimized, it’s going to bring about the best returns the best results. And then naturally, if they’re optimizing the thing that they do, they get better leverage on the on the other side to get better returns. And so they they see results, they see positivity, and they want to come back and do it again. So anybody that would like to do that the link would be Jake, Adam, forward slash perfect, Jacob, forward slash perfect, and they can get access to a copy of the perfect Instagram post

Al McBride 13:10
outstanding, and even people who were regularly on Instagram should probably have a look at that one to find out some of the things they maybe they’ve been missing some easy tweaks to to up their game. So excellent stuff. So what would be your number one insight or principle on how to negotiate, build rapport and connection, or uncover hidden value with clients, customers or counterparts. And I know you mentioned building the rapport there. So I’m quite interested in that and in how that’s different than some of the pointers maybe around that.

Jake Adam Davey 13:42
So I, there’s maybe two things I will share on this one, specifically on Instagram, and then one slightly broader. I interviewed somebody on my own show a few months ago. And he was a sales director. And he said, it was a throwaway comment, but he said the sales is all about the next conversation. And when I heard that I just it really resonated with me. I don’t know why that really stuck with me. And I just realized that so long as I could keep conversations ongoing with people and keep report going. Even if they didn’t buy now, it now doesn’t mean never, you know, it’s just not now. And that’s okay. And I really enjoy connecting with people. I enjoy talking to people, I enjoy building. I just enjoy helping people as best I can.

And so the tools inside of Instagram allow you to move people into a private conversation. As we said before, don’t you know we mark it publicly, but we sell privately. And so there’s regularly things that we that we do where we’re looking to move people into a private conversation. And yes, if they’re a good fit, we’ll offer them additional support, but if they’re not, or if it’s not the right time for them at the moment, that’s okay. But keeping the conversation going is very, very important. And I would give one very specific kind of tip for people just so it’s tangible.

The easiest way to do that and To warm up a conversation, if it’s gone cold on Instagram or any platform is simply to send a happy Friday message. And we do this from our account every Friday, I send 20 to 30 messages that just say Happy Friday. And I include a funny GIF of whatever it might be like a dog jumping into a lake or something like that. That just represents jumping into the weekend having a great time. And if you haven’t spoke somebody for a few days or a few weeks, if a kind of conversation has gone cold, there’s nothing easier to start that conversation again that just say, Hey, happy Friday, have a great weekend.

And what we found, again, again, believe it or not, is if we’ve been in mid conversation with somebody coming into engage with us and potentially become a client. If they’ve gone cold. That is a really good way to bring them round. And they actually say to us, Oh, I totally forgot I was supposed to get back to you on this thing. So it’s a really nice, easy, soft way to engage people. There’s no big ask you just saying Happy Friday, have a great weekend. Everybody loves Friday. And that works really, really well.

Al McBride 15:59
So very interesting, too. So as you see, because it’s super pleasant. It’s it’s not asking anything of them. And it just is a very friendly little wave. Switch to or to reengage that conversation. I love that point that as you said it is an ongoing conversation. Yeah, that’s how the rapport starts. Fascinating stuff. Absolutely brilliant. So So where can people actually get in touch with you, Jay?

Jake Adam Davey 16:25
Well, I’m not on Instagram. No, I’m joking. Yeah, Instagram would be a good place. So it’s Instagram is my full name. So it’s Jake, Adam, Davey da ve y. If people type that into Instagram, then they will find me. The Welcome to hit follow. Send me a message, especially if they’ve found me on here. That would be amazing. I’d love to connect. And that’s probably the number one place I would say is on Instagram. And then of course, they’re welcome to go and get the perfect Instagram post that we shared earlier as well.

Al McBride 16:55
Excellent. All those details will be on the podcast notes and indeed under the video on YouTube. Outstanding stuff. Jake, thank you so much for being on the show.

Jake Adam Davey 17:05
I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for having me on. Thank you

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